Miss Fi
Artist. Dreamer. Adventurer.


"She possesses a highly attuned sensitivity to aesthetic art forms that translates into brilliant designs that are able to communicate, persuade, entice, and seduce all at once."


The creative manifestation of an Indonesia / Singapore-based visual artist inspired by the idea that creativity has no boundaries.

She has her hands in art direction, graphic design, branding, concept development, content, print, publishing, way-finding, project management, naming and identity design. Also a marketing enthusiast experienced in working with different team dynamics, she has provided conceptual solutions to clients from non-commercial to f&b industries, record-labels, entertainment companies to corporate clients. Her work has been showcased in numerous projects for established brands, including www.GreatNewPlaces.com, Citibank, Typewriter.sg, Ku Dé Ta Singapore, The Club Hotel Singapore, The Podium Lounge (worldwide) F1 Glamorous After-Party and Limited Edition Concepts (The Vault Bistro & Bar).

She enjoys travelling, video games and reading during her free time.



ACHIEVEMENT - won a first prize of Future Talent Awards 2008 Branding competition alongside with her partner Nadia Ardiansyah and Finalist of group experimental photography of Crowbar 2007 after finish working as a creative director assistant intern at Ad Agency, John Lucas Singapore.

WORK - graphic manipulator for online ads, photographs and part-time event photographer for Supperclub Singapore.

2009 - 2010

ACHIEVEMENT - earned certificates of Make-Up artistry for Art Photography and Bridal from Make Up For Ever Singapore / Paris.

WORK - co-found a music label / visual art company from Mauritius to Singapore, electrocaïne. Also, worked on identity design for White Wave (smallness.org), full scale brand setup project as the creative director for Ying Yang Rooftop Bar by The Club Hotel Singapore, www.GreatNewPlaces.com, and The Podium Lounge Singapore.

2011 - 2012

WORK - Part-time graphic designer and F&B photographer for Ku Dé Ta Singapore and Le Chocolat Café by The Club Hotel Singapore. Product photographer for Goddess Wine. Full scale brand setup project as an art director and hands on graphic design work for The Vault Bisto-Bar by Limited Edition Concept Singapore.

2013 - 2015

ACHIEVEMENT - Solo Exhibition (L_st & Found Photography) at Kyō Club Singapore sponsored by Typewriter Media and Chivas. Interviewed by Channel News Asia in 2013.

WORK - Full Creative campaign of The Podium Lounge Worldwide (new expansion to Abu Dhabi, Melbourne, Monaco) & The Monarchy Singapore. Illustrator for MidnightShift & Tapirus Record Music Label. Graphic designer & Marketing Assistant for L Hotel Resort Seminyak, Bali ('til May 2013). Art Contributor for RE2PUBLIC Unlimited (Independent Experimental Project) and Typewriter Media (Singapore Book Writer & Publisher).


WORK - Co-found 9186 international. The official working partner of both Skywu (creative director) and Midnightshift Label (Record label designer).

Since 2009. She has been our consultant on such project tasks as creative design, website building, collaterals and promotional work. She has always carried out her work with absolute professionalism. We have found her reliable, dependable and most of all trust-worthy.
— GreatNewPlaces.com / Podium Lounge / Go B-Yond Pte. Ltd. CEO & Founder

She has dependability for her design and photo technique. During a photo shoot, she has many brilliant idea and solution, the achievement was amazing.
— Imagini Photographer Indonesia